Wedding Invitation Paper Ideas
Blank Invitation Paper

"There are so many colours and styles of wedding invitation paper, you really are spoilt for choice."

Wedding invitation paper is important when making your own invitations, especially for a wedding. However, if you are planning a summer party, kids birthday party or making a special anniversary card, there are many samples of blank invitation paper.

Walk into any stationery store for your invitation paper and you will be spoilt for choice. There are many colours and types to choose from. Whether it be for a wedding or something appropriate for your paper greeting card project, the variety is endless. I cannot resist buying blank invitation paper of all kinds, knowing then that I have stock available for my craft projects.

You can buy packs of pre-cut cards and envelopes for your invitation and card making projects. Or you may prefer to buy single sheets of wedding invitation paper or card and make a template and cut them out yourself. It all depends on how much time you have and of course your budget.

Mulberry Paper is a textured paper with strands of fibre embedded in it. When wet it gives a wonderful feathered edge. Beautiful for creating your own wedding invitations. It is available in a variety of colours.

Have you heard about flower seed paper? A gorgeous paper embedded with flower seeds. When planted, beautiful flowers will grow to remind your guests of your special day. If you are making homemade wedding favours then this paper is a must. It is great for making DIY petal cones.

Translucent vellum is also popular for printing on and as an invitation overlay. Most companies now sell vellum that is inkjet and laser printer compatible. Vellum is available with wedding words, birthday greetings and baby images printed on it making it so versatile.

Background Paper is more decorative and is useful for scrapbooking and creating an interesting layered effect.

Card Starter Kits and Blanks are great to use when first starting out and are available in every colour imaginable. They normally come enclosed with matching envelopes. The cards are already pre-folded and are the same as a basic blank card.

If you are making a large quantity, then these really are the easiest option. You don't have to worry about cutting out each individual card and scoring and folding. If you do want to make your cards from scratch, then your local copy shop will be able to cut them for you creating a professional finish.

Keep all your old magazines, envelopes and scrap pieces of paper too. You never know when they might come in handy. Keep all your giftwrap paper or buy a sheet from your local store. There are so many pretty designs available and using a sheet of wrapping paper to make a background for a card topper is very cost effective.

Whatever you decide, choose your paper carefully, it really can make or break your overall finished invitation.

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