Wedding Invitations Wording

Wedding invitations wording made easy if you are stuck on what to write on your wedding invitations. On this page you will find wedding invitation text for a formal invitation and ideas for wording wedding invitations when the wedding is hosted by the bride and groom themselves.

How you word your invitation is something you need to consider very carefully as it sets the tone of your event. My wedding was very informal and so my text was quite casual.  On the other hand,  if your wedding is to be an elaborate affair you might want the wording to reflect this.

Don't worry, there are many ways of phrasing your invitation wording. It all depends on who is hosting the wedding of course. Nowadays it is quite modern for the bride and groom to be the hosts rather than the bride's parents.

Whether you go for formal, informal, or creative wording for wedding invitations really depends on the type of invitation you have chosen. Obviously if your invitation is very modern then the wording needs to reflect this.

Below you will find wedding invitation wording samples for you to use.

Formal Wedding Invitation Wording Sample

For a church wedding, the wording tends to be more formal. Below is a sample of formal wedding invitation wording to use when the bride's parents are hosting the wedding

Mr. and Mrs. J Peacock

request the pleasure of the company of

at the marriage of their daughter

Emily Jayne


Mr. Paul Smithson


Saturday, 5th July, 2009

at 2.00pm

and afterwards

at The Bellhouse Hotel

Sunningdale, Berkshire

Informal Wedding Invitation Wording Sample

Here is sample wedding invitation wording for a more informal wedding invitation when the bride and groom are acting as hosts, perhaps together with their parents.

Emily Peacock and Paul Smithson

together with their parents

would be delighted if you would join them

to celebrate their marriage

on Saturday, 5th July 2009

at 5.00pm

at the Bell Hotel

Maidenhead, Berkshire

Remember, there is no right and wrong way. Choose what you feel comfortable with. Another suggestion would be to add love quotes or poems.

Remember to make your invitations well in advance so that you can send them out six weeks before the day. Your save the date cards can be sent out up to 6 months in advance.

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