Creating Winter Wedding Invitations

"Make simple, but stunning winter wedding invitations for a Christmas or holiday wedding"

Snowflakes are a popular winter wedding theme.

I have used a pale lilac card stock with complementing white vellum paper and icy blue snowflakes for my wedding invitations. Obviously you can change the colour scheme to complement your wedding colours. Blue and silver, purple and silver, white and silver, grey and silver. There are many colour options available for a winter wedding theme.

I have created a square wedding invitation, but again feel free to change the size.

To make these winter invitations for your wedding you will need:

Square card blank in lilac (11cm x 11cm)
Translucent vellum paper with white wedding words
Spray adhesive
Small silver stars
Snowflake punch
Blue paper
Small foam mounting pads

winter wedding blue snowflake theme

1. First cut a piece of vellum to fit your card. My vellum panel measures 4 1/2 cm x 11 cm.

2. Spray the back of the vellum paper with a light spray adhesive and attach firmly to the invitation.

3. Punch out snowflakes from the blue paper. Place a small foam mounting pad on each of the snowflakes and attach firmly on to the invitation.

4. Spray the back of the stars lightly and stick on to the wedding invitation at random.

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